What is Jodel?

Jodel is a location-based social media messaging app, where users can communicate anonymously, mainly in text format. The app provides its users a forum where they can discuss various topics easily and quickly.

The core contents are mainly entertainment, local news, mental health, advice, and work-life.

The user profile leans towards 18-35-year-old city dwellers, and in Finland, there are hundreds of thousands of active users monthly. Jodel and its anonymous communication allow for discussions about even the most sensitive topics safely and openly.

Moderation works efficiently by combining users, moderators, and an algorithm. This collaboration ensures the quality of the app’s content and prevents unwanted behavior or content.

Jodel mainfeed

Improve Media exclusively handles Jodel’s advertising sales in Finland. If you want more information about Jodel or a more detailed presentation, please contact us to inquire further.

Thus, one can discuss a wide variety of topics swiftly on Jodel. It offers a unique platform for local conversations and communities, making it an intriguing channel for advertisers to reach active users.

Advertising on Jodel

Jodel Suomi Improve Media Boosted Post display

The Boosted Post is pinned to the message feed for 24h for one advertiser at a time. The content can be text, image, video, or survey. Commenting can be enabled on the Boosted Post, allowing the advertiser to engage in discussions with Jodel users. It’s advisable to book your Boosted Post day well in advance.

Display advertising can be executed in sizes 1080×1920 or 1080×1080. The larger size is visible in both message and image feeds, the smaller in the message feed. The material can be an image or video. Commenting is not available.

Jodel Suomi Improve Media ohjelmallinen ostaminen, oma Jodel-kanava

The programmatic ad sizes available are 300×250, 300×300, 320×320, and 320×480. Request a deal for programmatic!

Your own channel carries the advertiser’s name. Conversations are directed to the channel via Boosted Posts. The channel can serve as a customer service platform in the style of Nordea or a discussion platform for various campaign themes, like the Helsinki Rescue Department.

Getting Started with Boosted Post Training

For Boosted Post campaigns worth at least €2,000, a one-hour Boosted Post training organized by Improve Media is included, so it’s not an issue if you’re unfamiliar with Jodel. The minimum budget for all campaigns on Jodel is €1,000.

Implementing a campaign? Check here for material guidelines!