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You can find all Improve Media contact information on the list below. At the end of the page, you can find the billing address and billing information.

You can reach the entire sales team at

For matters related to advertising management and materials, use the address You can find all material instructions here.

For publisher matters, please contact

Chief Executive Officer
Tuomas Suihkonen
050 567 6707

Operational management
Wider publisher partnerships
Commercial partnerships
Contract matters
Customer relationships

Account Manager
Karoliina Kupari
040 580 1873

Jodel clients
Media agency partnerships
Offers (Jodel)

Product Manager
Ira Vihma
040 760 8115

Jodel commercial channels
Election campaigns
Communication and advertising agency partnerships

Account Manager
Elina Niskanen
040 743 2820

Programmatic clients
Media agency partnerships
Offers (IM network)

Nora Rantsi

Sales Manager
Nora Rantsi
040 036 3840

Jodel clients
Media agency partnerships
Offers (Jodel)

Ville Lahtinen

Head of Programmatic and Data
Ville Lahtinen
050 372 1095

Programmatic buying and solutions
Media agency partnerships
Technology partnerships and development

Publisher Success Manager
Calle Andsten
050 438 4543

Publisher support

AdOps Specialist
Lari Sorvo
040 739 3319

Campaign trafficking
Campaign monitoring
Publisher support

Head of Special Operations
Jesse Valli
050 363 0921

Programmatic sales development
Technology solutions and development
Special operations

Chief Marketing Officer
Laura Eriksson
040 7023 881


Chief Financial Officer
Marika Von Wehrt

Publisher payments


Please use e-invoice as the primary choice.


E-invoice address: 003726275555
Operator ID: 003721291126
Operator: Maventa
Standard: Finvoice

Postal Address

Improve Media Oy
Kuortaneenkatu 1