Programmatic advertising

It is possible to buy programmatic advertising from Improve Media. Programmatic sales and purchasing utilize standardized systems. With the help of these systems, it is possible to implement digital advertising in real time, utilizing data, monitoring results and optimizing campaigns according to your preferred goals.

In addition to numerous advantages, the biggest benefits of programmatic buying include goal-oriented optimization, which the systems support according to the goals with the help of algorithms. Campaigns can be optimized for consumer activation or conversion, an accurate price level suitable for the advertiser or towards the desired campaign reach.

You can buy programmatic advertising from Improve Media through almost all available demand-side platforms (DSP) listed below:

Demand-side platforms used by Improve Media

  • Adform
  • Criteo
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Xandr
  • Pubmatic
  • Magnite (ex-Rubicon)
  • Improve Digital
  • Index Echange

We are constantly developing our sales systems as well as evaluating the overall efficiency of them.

Quality & Brand Safety

We monitor the qualitative factors of the publishers belonging to Improve Media’s network with the help of systems automatically and manually periodically. In this manner, we strive to ensure that programmatic advertising is set in a high-quality and technically functional environment. It is also possible for the advertiser to use third-party technology, e.g. DoubleVerify or IAS (Integral Ad Safety) to ensure that advertising appears only in brand-appropriate content.


The most common formats in programmatic advertising are display, video and native advertising. The price of the programmatic advertising is determined broadly by the supply and demand components of the market, however pricing is also influenced by many other existing factors.


  • Targeted target groups and data-based targeting
  • Differences in media pricing
  • Properties of formats (size, visibility)
  • Campaign budget and scheduling

Supply-side platforms (SSP)

Supply-side platform generally refers to the seller’s system or systems (SSP) in which the sales of programmatic advertising takes place. The purpose of the Supply-side platform is to practically create a productized entity from the media for sale, and enable a functional connection between the buyer and purchasable media.

Demand-side platforms (DSP)

The purchasing system (DSP, Demand Side Platform) acts as a tool for the advertiser. The advertiser manages the system he uses himself, the advantage of which is a quick response to changing requirements in terms of advertising. 

Deal vs. Open Auction

Trading of programmatic advertising is generally carried out in two different ways. The advertiser can agree on a private deal with Improve Media that defines the systems used, price level, available formats, included media, period of validity, and other possible conditions. The advantage of a private deal includes the fixed terms and conditions, which facilitates the buyer’s operation in planning the campaign, setting it up in the system of the buying side, and ensuring the desired quality.

It is also possible to buy advertising inventory from Improve Media’s freely without a deal, better known as an open auction. The open auction is available to all buyers and is usually lower in price and quality.

If you have questions about the Deal IDs, customized data packages or programmatic advertising in general, contact:

Ohjelmallinen Ville Lahtinen

Ville Lahtinen
Programmatic and Data Specialist
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