Cookies, CMP & TCF

Almost all websites use cookies. These small data packages stored on the terminal device help us to remember logins, offer the user personalized content, enable the operation of various measurement tools and better targeting for advertising in general.

During the GDPR period, permission for the use of cookies had to be requested, but until now it has been sufficient to be included in the browser’s cookie settings, or have included a simple infobox with an OK button on the side of the page. According to Traficom’s new instructions, this is no longer possible.

Use of CMP

Today, the permission to use cookies is conveyed by a TCF 2.0 -compatible CMP, which refers to the Consent Management Platform. TCF, i.e. Transparency & Consent Framework, is a standardized way of transmitting the user’s permission and prohibition information to the different operators of the online advertising ecosystem.

Improve Media demands all of its publishers to use a TCF 2.0 -compatible CMP tool. Several publishers use the Quantcast Choice tool for free of charge. Improve Media will help with the introduction. However, the publisher is free to choose the tool they use as long as it is compatible with TCF 2.0.

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