Instructions for online advertisement

Delivering the materials
Advertising materials


Delivering ad materials

The material for campaigns should be delivered to aineisto@improvemedia.fi as follows:

  • Standard ads (via 3rd party ad tags, images or html5) 2 working days prior to campaign start
  • Mobile ads 3 working days prior to campaign start
  • Special ad formats (e.g. mobile swipe, interstitial, outstream) 4 working days prior to campaign start

Please add the following information when delivering the materials:

  • Advertiser
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign time
  • Landing page / url
  • Ad formats (e.g. 300×300 px)

Materials can be delivered in the following formats: gif, jpeg, png, html5 or via third party ad tags. When using third party tags, please inform us where click tracker can be implemented in the tag.

If the materials have not been delivered to aineisto@improvemedia.fi according to the instructions above or if there are technical problems with them, we will send back the material. We aim to inform the advertiser well before the campaign start in case there are problems with the ad material (if they have delivered ad materials in time).

Improve Media has the right to deny to use advertisement that is improper or against the Finnish legislation. Improve Media is not responsible if there is a delay in campaign start due to late delivery of campaign materials.

Contact info of our Ad Operations:


+358 50 3379719

Advertising Materials

Ad formats and sizes


Format Pixels Max. kb
Parade 980×400 px 150 kt
Panorama 980×120 px 50 kt
Wide rectangle 468×400 px 150 kt
Double box 300×500 px 50 kt
Scyscraper 160×600 px,
120×600 px
50 kt
Box 300×250 px 50 kt
Billboard 140×350 px 50 kt
Leaderboard 728×90 px 50 kt


Format Pixels Max. kb
Mobile parade 300×300 px 50 kt
Mobile panorama 300×150 px 50 kt
IAB Mobile full page Flex*
Mobile Swipe 300×300 px

Size Limitations

Our default ad size is 50 kbs, except for 980×400, 468×400 and some other special large ad formats can be 150 kbs. We recommend to optimize the ad size as small as possible in order to the ad to download fast at any internet connection.


File Structure

Each HTML5 banner should be archived as a ZIP file that contains the following items:

  •  A metadata file called metadata.json, this file defines the banner size and its main html-source. This file is placed in the root folder of the zip archive:
"width" : 980,
"height": 120,
"source": "index.html"
  • The source HTML-file as declared in the metadata file. The file is also placed in the root folder of the zip archive.
  • All other resources: javascript, images, fonts etc., could be loaded from a local directory or an external path. If an external path is used, see the section below about secure invocations for ways to make your creative https compatible. We recommend to make all html5 ads https compatible as many sites are shifting from http to https.


It is important to incorporate the possibility to click on all creatives served. The clicktag to be used can be retrieved in the following way.

Begin by including our script on order to retrieve the clickurl:

 document.write('<script src="https://adsby.bidtheatre.com/js/asxhtml5.min.js?rand='+ new String(Math.random()).substring (2, 11) +'"></script>');

Then, insert the following script second part and replace defaultlandingpage.com with the actual landing page:

var clickurl = asxhtml5.getParam('clickurl', 'http://www.defaultlandingpage.com');

The implementation of the clicktag can be done in many different ways. Below is an example where the div-element with id ”ad-wrap” is the space that should be clickable:

<div id="ad-wrap"></div>
 var clickurl = asxhtml5.getParam('clickurl', 'http://www.defaultlandingpage.com');
 var clickDiv = document.getElementById('ad-wrap');
 clickDiv.onclick = function() {

Multiple clicktags

It is possible to use more than one clicktag. Define the extra clicktags inside the metadata file. Note: the first clicktag does not need to be in the metadata file.

"width" : 980,
"height": 120,
"source": "index.html",
"clickTAG2": "http://www.bidtheatre.com/alternative2",
"clickTAG3": "http://www.bidtheatre.com/alternative3"

Insert the urls inside the creative, just like inserting one clicktag in the previous section:

var clickurl2 = asxhtml5.getParam('clickTAG2', 'http://www.defaultlandingpage.com');

Secure invocations

If the page containing the creative is loaded securely ASX will in turn invoke the creative securely. This means that the browser in most cases will display a warning if not all assets in the creative are loaded securely. There are different ways to approach this problem, some of them are listed below:
– Load all assets securely all the time
– Use our script to retrieve the protocol.

To use our script, start by including it:

 document.write('<script src="https://adsby.bidtheatre.com/js/asxhtml5.min.js?rand='+ new String(Math.random()).substring (2, 11) +'"></script>');

Once that is done, the protocol of the invocation can be retrieved like this. The second part of the function call is what to use as a default value if no specific was found, which will be the case during development for instance.

var protocol = asxhtml5.getParam('protocol', 'https');

Note: Many sites in our network are https -sites, so using secure invocations in html5 ads is highly recommended.

Implementation details

All HTML 5 banners will be loaded inside an iframe to guarantee that no scripts or styles leaks from the page to creative or from the creative to the page. The protocol and clickurl will be transfered into the iframe via standard HTML-parameters. The actual HTML code invoking the creative will look something like this:

<iframe id='asx_1443448197270_iframe' name='asx_1443448197270_iframe' src='about:blank' border='0' frameborder='0' marginwidth='0' marginheight='0' scrolling='no' width='980' height='120'></iframe>
var asx_proto = '{protocol}';
var asx_clickurl = encodeURIComponent('{clickurl}');
var asx_uri = '{protocol}://creatives.bidtheatre.com/html5/2339/4A861/index.html?protocol=' + asx_proto + '&clickurl=' + asx_clickurl; 
document.getElementById('asx_1443448197270_iframe').src = asx_uri;

IAB:n HTML5-bannerin ohjeet


We have certified a number of Adform creatives and will do more so in the future. There is a variety of formats for both desktop and mobile that can be used in our networks sites, e.g. 3D Swipe, Interstitial, Outstream, Mobile, Click to calendar. You can explore more of our certified ad formats, examples, templates and production guides from http://showroom.adform.com/publishers/improve-media/.
Adform ads built according to the template should be delivered along with a media plan to traffic@adform.com 7 working days prior to campaigns start. The media plan should include the following information:

  • Advertiser
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign time
  • Media ( sivustot joilla, mainosta näytetään)
  • Placements and creative (Adformin mainosmuodon nimi, esim. 3D Swipe)
  • Landing page URL:s
  • Other info: Please send the ad tags to aineisto@improvemedia.fi. Only one ad tag per creative/campaign is required.

Image by stokkete