Improve Media is in charge of Jodel’s media sales in Finland

What is Jodel?

Jodel is a local-based communications app, which has gained its popularity originally through university students.

Jodel is…

  • Hyper local: Shared content is visible to users within 10 km.
  • Preferred media of young and highly educated: 73% of users are between ages of 18 to 26.
  • Colorful: The core contents include entertainment, various advice, tips and local news.
  • Collectively moderated: Alongside the algorithm the active users ensure that the conversation is reined in.

Advertising in Jodel

There are two ad formats in Jodel:

  1. Boosted post, which appears in a local message feed. The format can be a text, an image or a video.
  2. Display ad, which appears in the local image and message feed. The format can be either an image or a video.

In Jodel you can, for example, launch a new product, discuss things or raise awareness among potential customers. The local perspective can be utilised especially for event marketing, recruitment campaigns and marketing of products and services that provide content and information of interest to Jodel users.


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