Frequently asked questions

My site has X amount of visitors. Can I join your ad network?

Our ad network has both big and small publishers. In commercialization decisions, we always evaluate the number of page loads, the quality of the content on site and the target group it reaches on a publisher-level basis. However, it is worth noting that the ad impressions are sold at the CPM price (price per thousand impressions). The number of page loads therefore has a significant impact on the ad revenue.

What ad format should the site have?

It is definitely worthwhile to have a mobile parade (300 × 300 px ad in mobile) and a parade ad (980 × 400 pixels, often below the header of the site) because they are the best selling ad formats and therefore have the highest CPM value. In addition to these, we recommend smaller ad formats: 980 × 120 px, 300 × 250 px, 160 × 600 px and 468 × 400 px, depending on the site structure. For example, if the site has a sidebar on the right margin, it’s likely it will fit one or more 300 × 250 px box ads or 160 × 600 px skyscraper. Additionally, one or more 468×400 wide rectangles can be placed in the content of the site. It’s also possible to run video advertising from the wide rectangle placement. We also recommend a 1 x 1 px wallpaper tag, because this ad placement can be used to run other special ad campaigns in addition to the wallpaper.

When needed, our tags are dynamic, which means more ad formats can be run through one placement tag. For instance, 980 x 400 px ads and 980 x 120px ads can be run through the top ad placement on the site, depending on the size of the ad that loads to the placement.

Can I get an ad with dimensions X x Y px?

It’s possible to create custom-sized placements but we do not recommend it.
Nowadays a large part of the ad impressions are purchased through programmatic channels so ad placements must be according to the standards of the programmatic channels. Our ad placements follow the standards for digital advertising published by IAB Finland. Almost all media use the same standard sizes. IAB’s full recommendations for the ad sizes can be found here.

IAB’s recommendations mention more ad sizes than we have in our selection – we have chosen the ad formats that are the most purchased. All the advertising, which runs through us, has been made according to IAB standards.

Can you help adding the ad tags on the site?

Each site is different and uses different software, so it’s difficult for us to place the ad tags on various sites. Some site structures are so easy the site admins can place the tags themselves, whereas on other sites the admins must rely on the help of a programmer, in which case we cannot place the tags.

If needed, City Dev Labs (, a member of our corporation, can help you place the tags for a compensation. Contact City Dev Labs via e-mail

How should the ad tags be placed?

Ad tags should be placed so that the ads are actually visible for the site visitors. The visibility of the ads is measured with the viewability figure, which counts how many percent of the ad pixels are downloaded on the visitors screen for at least one second (in display advertising) or two seconds (in video advertising). A good viewability figure in mobile is over 50 %, in desktop a good figure is over 70%. You should definitely strive for these percentages to get the highest possible value for the ad placements. The viewability figure is affected by numerous factors, such as the time it takes to load the ad, but the ad placements are particularly important factors. The user habits of the site should be well known so the ads can be placed close to the point where the site visitor’s attention is drawn. For instance, the best place for ads on internet forums is typically close to the most recent message in the discussion.

Ask us about your viewability figure and together we can improve it!

Can I copy the same ad tag several times on the site?

The same tags cannot be used several times on an individual site, as this will confuse the measuring systems of the technical side. There may be several placements of the same size on an individual site, provided each placement has its own ad tag. In addition, each domain must have its own ad placements – the same ad tags cannot be added to sites that are run through different domains.

However, different subpages (separate page download) on the same site do not need to have their own ad tags. We recommend using the same tags throughout the site.

What kind of advertising revenue can I expect from the ad placements?

The advertising revenue is a sum of many factors – a large number of impressions alone is not enough to make the advertising incomes. Two sites that have the same impression figures may have very different advertising revenues.

Factors affecting the ad revenue include:

  • Qualitative features of the site: themes, visitor profile and their attractiveness to the advertiser
  • Site download count and unique visitors
  • Ad placements: sizes, quantity, layout (viewability and inscreen numbers) and mobile placements
  • Restrictions: Publisher’s own campaigns, publisher’s ad bans
  • Improve Media’s success in sales: direct sales, programmatic sales
  • Cycles in the ad sales: the sales figures are usually lowest during the beginning of the year and the summer vacation season, strongest sales numbers are to be expected in the end of spring and at the beginning of autumn

TThe ad tag is now in place, but why is the ad placement empty?

Kun uudet mainostägit on lähetetty julkaisijalle, alamme liittämään näitä mainospaikkoja parhaillaan pyöriviin kampanjoihin ja ohjelmallisen ostamisen kanaviin. Mainospaikkojen kytkeminen voi viedä muutaman päivän.Once the new ad tags have been sent to the publisher, we will begin to attach these ad placements to the currently running campaigns and the channels of programmatic purchasing. It may take a few days to attach the ad placements.Kun uudet mainostägit on lähetetty julkaisijalle, alamme liittämään näitä mainospaikkoja parhaillaan pyöriviin kampanjoihin ja ohjelmallisen ostamisen kanaviin. Mainospaikkojen kytkeminen voi viedä muutaman päivän.

MWhy doesn’t the ad appear on every page load?

Improve Media does not necessarily display ads every time the page is downloaded. We run every page load in our system, where the ad placement is provided with a chain of primary ads and secondary ads. Sometimes, there are not enough secondary ads and we prefer to leave the placement empty rather that offer it low-cost ads with less quality.

However, it is worth noting that the site publisher’s experience of the ads is often different from that of a regular site visitor. A frequency (daily maximum for the displays) is almost always defined for the campaigns. The same ad is usually displayed 1-2 times for the same visitor within 24 hours. The daily ad displays can therefore run out, especially if the site is downloaded frequently.

To mimic the ordinary visitor’s ad experience, we recommend the publishers to open their site in an incognito window. However, if the placements are still often empty, contact our ad management team to solve the technical issues.

If all the empty ad displays are perceived to be problematic, publisher’s own passback ads can be added to the end of the chain. The passback ads can be image files or ad tags from another advertising management.

Can the site’s own campaigns be run from the ad placements?

We can run the publisher’s own campaigns through Improve Media’s system. In this case, the campaign is made with a zero value and the campaign fee is left for the publisher and their associate to decide. We need the data and materials according the material instructions for the campaign ad trafficking.

Improve Media charges an hourly rate for the ad trafficking. The hourly rate includes creating the campaign as well as tracking and reporting it.

What is a UserReport and why should I put it to use?

We conduct visitor surveys on the sites in our network using UserReport. The research data is utilised in targeting Improve Media’s advertising, and thus, the sites surveyed can be included in more campaigns.

All research data is also available to the publisher, which may prove to be useful in content providing or in the design and sales of commercial campaigns, for example.

The data is collected with a pop-up survey that is personalised for the publisher. The pop-up survey will be implemented as user-friendly as possible: the pop-up is not displayed again if the visitor has declined it on some site within the past six months. Most visitors do not notice the survey in any way.

The survey questions are related to both the user experience of the site and the visitor’s profile, such as the income level and education. The questions can be customised according to the needs of the site and new questions, which are of interest to the publisher, can also be added.

What is Ads.txt and how do I install it?

Ads.txt helps the buyers of the ad placements to identify the resellers or other authorized operators of the site’s ad inventory. The Ads abbreviation, in this context, comes from Authorized digital seller. Guide for installing ads.txt.

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