Improve Media Ltd is one of the largest ad networks in Finland

Improve Media aims to create a more effective and efficient advertising together with various media, brands, creative agencies and marketing agencies.

Over 100 Finnish websites from quality publishers are connected to our ad network. Since we reach 3 million unique visitors weekly, it’s possible to buy large audiences through us.

We offer media solutions for display ja mobile advertising both in programmatic and direct sales channels. We are connected with most DSPs in programmatic, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in Finnish quality inventory.

With our experienced team and wide range of various media we provide you with well-targeted campaign options. Our nearly 20 pre-assembled target groups and data targeting options ensure we reach both generic as well as more precisely chosen audiences.

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Improve Media Ltd
Business ID: 2627555-5
Kuortaneenkatu 1
00520 Helsinki

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